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Instant Drama: Painting Your Ceilings Black

An article this weekend on Houzz.com listed 11 reasons to paint your celing black. Reader feedback was somewhat mixed (“Love the photos but I am not that brave” was one of...

On Trend: Wallpaper for a Grand Entrance

Wallpaper may suddenly feel fun and fresh, but adding it to your home’s decor isn’t a decision to make lightly. Practically speaking, it can be challenging to work wallcoverings into...

On Trend: Bold Wallpaper in a Small Bath

There’s no denying that wallpaper is back, and a relatively simple way to add color and whimsy to your interior spaces. But not every room may be wallpaper-ready. That's why...

On Trend: Easing Back Into Wallpaper

If you’ve ever spent hours (days? weeks?) scraping off old and ugly wallpaper, you may be understandably hesitant to embrace its resurgence. But wallpaper is undeniably back. It’s all over...

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