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Instant Drama: Painting Your Ceilings Black

An article this weekend on Houzz.com listed 11 reasons to paint your celing black. Reader feedback was somewhat mixed (“Love the photos but I am not that brave” was one of the top comments) but we love the look!

And we’ve done it ourselves:

In this client’s powder room, we paired a black ceiling with ivory and white Graham and Brown wallpaper (Pattern: Vintage Flock). The crystal petite chandelier positively sparkles against the Benjamin Moore Twilight Zone ceiling.

The black ceiling works for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, the client loves this look and has many black and white accents in the nearby kitchen. In addition, the wallpaper and ceiling add a bit of unexpected drama to a room with beautiful but neutral finish choices.

The black ceiling connects the wallpaper with the rest of the room and makes the design feel finished. The tall creamy wainscoting keeps the combination from feeling oppressive. A bold choice yes, but one that makes a lot of sense!

Here are a few of our favorite examples from the Houzz article:

Reason No. 2: To Emphasize Trim.  Stunning!


Reason No. 3: To Make a Ceiling Look Lower. This room would look completely different with a plain ceiling.


Reason No. 5: To add drama. The tall curtains and black ceiling make up for too-low windows and boring architecture.


Reason No. 9: To define an area. What an ingenious way to add visual interest to an open floor plan.


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